The Need To Know Optimization Terms

Correctly executed – optimizing your online presence can have a dramatically positive effect on the growth of your audience and the monetary value of your sales.

Website optimization at its core principle is quite simple;

“the process of making a webpage as fully functional, or effective as possible”

To give yourself the strongest chance of success it is a wise move to master a firm grasp of the basics.

Things in the website optimization world move at the speed of light – so to keep you at the top of the optimization game we have created this infographic of all the need to know terminology.

Don’t worry if your new to infographics – you look cool for reading them and we look cool for creating them – so its a win win…

So whether you’re new to website optimization or a seasoned pro it’s always good to refresh some core fundamentals…


“If you want the things on the high shelf, you must stand on the books you read. With every book you read, you get to stand a little higher.” Jim Rohn


Now – next time your chatting at the office cereal bar about to dive in to a bowl of Kellogg’s or hanging with the cool kids at a marketing event you can rest assured that you’ll be in the know…!